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Pontoon Rentals

Duke's Creek Marina

Yes, at Duke's Creek Marina we rent pontoon boats! Our pricing is competitive — see the rate chart below. Availability varies depending on the time of year and weather. Please call 540-895-5065 to make your reservation for a fun and unique experience on Lake Anna.

We can not accept requests for rental boat reservations by email, however once a reservation is made we do send out email confirmations.

Pontoon Rental Rates
  Full day
Eight (8) Hours
Half Day
Four (4) Hours
12-person pontoon boat $375 $200 1/2 Rental Price
10-person pontoon boat* $325 $185 1/2 Rental Price
8-person pontoon boat $275 $160 1/2 Rental Price

Prices are subject to change.
*Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends there will be a $50.00 premium charge on all 10 person boats.

Tube Rentals (available with boat rentals only)
One person tube $30
Two person tube $40
Three person tube $60
Additional Days $10
Sports Vests each $2

We do not take a deposit for tube rental reservations. Please reserve tubes when you reserve your rental boat by phone. Over the head keyhole style life vests are included with the boat rental. We offer for rent more comfortable sports vests if you are renting a tube. Vests made for water sports are less cumbersome and make holding on to the tube easier.

Pontoon rentals at Duke's Creek Marina

Lake Anna houses a power plant. The power plant “warms” up a section of the lake that is divided with three separate dikes to contain the warm water. Thus, there is “warm side” and a “cool side.” There is no access to the warm side of the lake from the cold side without pulling your boat out of the water. There is no public access to the warm side of the lake.

We do not rent boats to the warm (Waste Heat Treatment Facility) side of the lake.

Additional information and requirements for pontoon rentals on the cool side of the lake:

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Things to Know for Rental Boats

The rules below are for everyone’s safety, protection and enjoyment.

Please be aware you are responsible for the following items. Any damages or missing items on the boat will result in the following fees:

Item Fee
New Prop: $170.00
Prop Repaired: $85.00
Ladder: $225.00
Anchor: $21.95
Dock Line: $6.35
Fender: $28.99
Throw Cushion: $15.75
Life Vest: $10.75
Fire Extinguisher: $23.99
**Prices are subject to change**


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