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Convenience Store

Duke's Creek Marina on Lake Anna StoreWe have an on-site convenience store here to assist you in making your outdoor experience more enjoyable! We have the following items:

Hours of Operation: Memorial Day to Labor Day

Monday-Thursday  8:00 am–5:45 pm

Friday  8 am–6:45 pm

Saturday  8 am–7:45 pm

Sunday  8 am–6:45 pm

Hours are subject to change.

Boat Launching and Parking Fees
Launching (tow vehicle’s parking is included) $10
Launch pass for the year (lauched with own vehicle) $125
Tractor tow (round trip) $20
Tractor Tow (unlimited for a year) $195
Tractor tow (one way) $10
Parking (no boat stored/launched) $5

Fees are subject to change without notice.

Dukes Creek Store


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